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Uncoupled their lips,

with the calling bell.

who would it be?

They made guesses.

Might be the neighbor’s child,

Playing with the calling bell,

Or might be the watchman,

who came to tell about the visitors,

Or might be the maid,

We called to hire,

Or might be the last night’s ‘Fight’,

Whom we asked to go for a walk tonight,

And come back in the morning!

-Ajola Ganesan.


The roads we never tarvelled,

The car we never owned,

The life we never had,

The love we never shared.

The songs, of ours never sung,

With our voices merged,

Will be a poem.

A prayer of love,

A thank note for love by souls,

Where all lovers will sing together!

-Ajola Ganesan

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