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Love; a form of medicine!

Love is a form of medicine when received from loved ones. Love is a synonym for happiness. Hugs from our loved ones strengthen our mind and grows happiness in our mind. Start your day with a hug or a small text from your loved ones. Their hug, smiles, or might be messages will make yourContinue reading “Love; a form of medicine!”

Your dream is your identity. Never give up on your dreams!

Dreams are what that make you. Your dreams defines you. Your uniqueness, your way of life, your identity. Dreams are everyone’s first love, a relation that lasts with you forever. The journey of life always breathes with the dreams you love. Life will seem better with your dreams achieved. It is always difficult to touchContinue reading “Your dream is your identity. Never give up on your dreams!”

Life! Just couple things!

Just couple things! Ego sometimes kills the most happiest moments form our life. A little bit of patience, a mind of letting go of the past is good enough than to ruin the happiest moments of your life. If you argue with your love, apologise before going to bed because the next day is aContinue reading “Life! Just couple things!”