Micro tales


Love always makes us feel special. She is a light giving us the warmth of comfort, a kind of feeling that makes us feel ‘Immoral’ and that moment is hard enough to be written into words.

Double Elfchen on ‘Rudolph’

Rudolph, Love’s glory! Expressed the hearts, Crowned with sorrowful destiny! Fate, Is a merciless author, Burning our souls, Showing her, Power! -Ajola Ganesan


The roads we never tarvelled, The car we never owned, The life we never had, The love we never shared. The songs, of ours never sung, With our voices merged, Will be a poem. A prayer of love, A thank note for love by souls, Where all lovers will sing together! -Ajola Ganesan

Love never leaves!

Love never leaves. She always resides in the corner of our hearts, sleeping in silence, breathing in silence. Love will always live forever in our hearts, like a secret, unsaid.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Ajola Ganesan. I’m an author and poetess. I have published four books so far. I also write micro tales, poems, articles and short stories. Do read my works on Instagram also.

Instagram: @ajolas_garden_of_quotes

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