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About Me

Ajola Ganesan

Hi, I’m Ajola Ganesan from from India. I have completed my Masters in Physics and I have completed B.Ed. I started writing during my 10th grade and since then I write. I write poems, micro tales, snippets, musings, and short stories. And I have published five books so far. The books are:

‘200 shots of couple goals’ and

‘A Collection Of Short Stories’

‘150 two-liners on ‘Love’. 

100 Shots of couple Goals

100 Shots of couple goals Part-2

My book ‘150 Two-liners on Love’ has been published as an E-book on Amazon Kindle.

  • One of my poems, ‘THE SONG OF THE MOON’ has appeared in ‘Unicorn Magazine’ in the June edition of 2021.
  • My poem ‘DO NOT INSIST TO GO AWAY’ has appeared in LUCID VERDICT magazine, in July edition 2021.
  • My poem ‘A COLORFUL RAIN’ has appeared on Taare Zameen Par magazine in September issue 2021
  • I have received a ‘Prestigious Literary Award’ by Awardsarc
  • I have been nominated thrice as ‘Author of The Week’ by Story Mirror.
  • I have been nominated once for ‘Author of The Month’ by Story Mirror.
  • I have been nominated for the title ‘Litterateur’ by Nazmehayat.
  • My story ‘THE MANNIQUINE’, the dressing doll, has been published on ‘Lavenders’ anthology.
  • I have been titled ‘Poet of the week’ on Jan 12th 2022 by unicorn magazine.
  • My article about ‘ART’ has been published on unicorn magazine blog on February 2022.
  • I was titled winner of a writing prompt conducted by @vaguesoulsunite conducted in the month of December 2021. I have received medal and certificate for the same.
  • I have been ranked 6 for a poetry competition on story mirror.
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