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🍁The novel holds a mystery of finding the reason to take revenge on each other.

🍁The theme ‘Every past has its presence in the future’, is said in this story with suspense.

🍁The story takes turns and twists, making us sit at the edge of our seats, wondering what is going to happen next.

🍁The story expresses the gift of revenge over one another for the happenings of the past.

🍁The story gets its heat with the death of a girl and when the investigation of the murderer takes place.

🍁While we consider one particular person to be the culprit, it isn’t. The author has well planned concept with twists and turns.

🍁Each character in the story felt like they were the main lead. And all of them have a place in the story .

🍁 ‘Who is the culprit?’, Is the main theme of the novel.

🍁The author has made the story emotionally attached by involving the characters with emotional attachment.

🍁The author has perfectly sketched the moves and the scenes and beautifully connected it with one another.

🍁A good book with the taste of crime and mystery.

‘You are Being Watched’ a beautiful book to experience thrills.

An excellent journey into the sky of mystery.

Published by AJOLA GANESAN

I'm a writer and author of four books. I write poetry, micro tales, quotes, articles and short stories. I have published four books so far. My writings are mostly on love and life. My stories are always on romance, horror and life themed ones They are 1. 200 SHOTS OF COUPLE GOALS. 2. A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES. 3. 100 SHORTS OF COUPLE GOALS 4. 100 SHOTS OF COUPLE GOALS PART-2

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