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Your dream is your identity. Never give up on your dreams!

Dreams are what that make you. Your dreams defines you. Your uniqueness, your way of life, your identity. Dreams are everyone’s first love, a relation that lasts with you forever. The journey of life always breathes with the dreams you love. Life will seem better with your dreams achieved. It is always difficult to touch your dream. Time and situations always stand opposite to each other. Life is a puzzle. It is up to you to achieve your dream despite all the situation. And if you achieve doing it, you are the champion of your life, you made fixed your puzzle of your life perfectly!

Your uniqueness is what that prevails forever! Your dreams are what that the world will look into and will follow your path to catch their dreams!

Published by AJOLA GANESAN

I'm a writer and author of four books. I write poetry, micro tales, quotes, articles and short stories. I have published four books so far. My writings are mostly on love and life. My stories are always on romance, horror and life themed ones They are 1. 200 SHOTS OF COUPLE GOALS. 2. A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES. 3. 100 SHORTS OF COUPLE GOALS 4. 100 SHOTS OF COUPLE GOALS PART-2

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