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Love; a form of medicine!

Love is a form of medicine when received from loved ones. Love is a synonym for happiness. Hugs from our loved ones strengthen our mind and grows happiness in our mind. Start your day with a hug or a small text from your loved ones. Their hug, smiles, or might be messages will make your day a better one. Hug is a therapy. Love is a medicine.

Published by AJOLA GANESAN

I'm a writer and author of four books. I write poetry, micro tales, quotes, articles and short stories. I have published four books so far. My writings are mostly on love and life. My stories are always on romance, horror and life themed ones They are 1. 200 SHOTS OF COUPLE GOALS. 2. A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES. 3. 100 SHORTS OF COUPLE GOALS 4. 100 SHOTS OF COUPLE GOALS PART-2

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